image credit: Chris Bennie


Brodie O’Loughlin is an emerging contemporary creative, primarily creating abstract visual stimuli, sculpting and digital media. Focusing on sustainability and a second life art practice. Brodie employs bold colouring, emotional representations and a new and refreshing experimentation to manipulate imagery. practicing automatism, focusing on unconsciously consciously creating.

EDUCATION and experience 

I Completed years 7-12 at Miami State High School. From 2013-17 I was the photographer for a monthly youth indigenous programme. In 2016 I exhibited at HOTA with a photographic collection. While in High School, I was enrolled in the ATAR Visual Arts class, studding under Scott Barnard. I was also enrolled into the ATAR Film, Television and New Media class, studying under Eddie Leeon. During my time a high school I spent most of my time in the art room more than anywhere else, perfecting my craft and working on myself. In these classes I would try my best to help both the teachers and the students but not losing track on my path. While in year 12, I was selected to exhibit in the 2020 Creative Generations Excellence Awards in Visual Art. Following graduation, I applied for a residency and was selected to join OPEN STUDIO: SUMMER RETREAT at THE WALLS ART SPACE for a 2 month period. On the 16th of March, I commenced my 3 month studio residency with Level Up and exhibited for 2 months at the end of the residency. On the 1st of May, my first major solo exhibition commenced at THE WALLS ART SPACE, titled ‘chromium ss’ following the solo exhibition, I exhibited at Robina art gallery in ‘Alternate energies’. And to close 2021, I created a mural at THE WALLS ART SPACE for ‘LOVE LETTERS 2 MIAMI’ their final show. From April, 2022, I was Artist in Resident at Mint Art House till late July 2022, in Burleigh Waters. Participated  in Next Gen GC