A.I.R (artist in residence) at

Mint Art House 2022

As part of my continued involvement with the Level Up program, I was fortunate enough to have a studio space at Mint Art House. Of my 3 months working in the space I was provided, It became like a testing ground for all that I have gathered in my artistic journeys thus far. Worked on an exhibition concept that the ‘universe’ unfortunately denied me of, however nothing is lost when everything is to be gained. Worked on countless works, ranging from the biggest parts of practice to things that I didn’t even know I could accomplish, and ironically the space became a think-tank for whatever the fuck I wanted.

image credits: City of Gold Coast

image credits: Chris Bennie


A testing ground for new ideas and research, SUMMER RETREAT brings together 4 local artists for 8 weeks with the aim of making time and space to consider, consolidate and potentially collaborate on new work.

chromium ss 2021

Chromium SS is Brodie O’Loughlin’s first solo exhibition and one of three shows featuring his work (so far) in 2021. Not bad for an eighteen-year-old artist from Miami, Queensland. These unlikely facts make sense once you meet him because O’Loughlin is a highly cultured character capable of conversing at length on any number of counter-culture and sub-cultural topics, with passionate enthusiasm and optimism indicative of one’s infancy in professionalism, all while developing a clear and identifiable aesthetic at a time when most young people are thinking about making something of themselves, Brodie O’Loughlin is actually doing it with energy and enthusiasm on display in Chromium SS.

Scott Barnard 2021